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Your Packers Fan Podcast is the show BY FANS and FOR FANS of the 13-Time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers!

Four of the past five seasons of our twelve season history, the Packers Fan Podcast has been a podcast award finalist.  Join us for our energetic episodes, which always include a large amount of great listener feedback.

Oct 31, 2018

Packers Fan Podcast, episode #166, hosted by Wayne Henderson, voice actor, and Troy Heinritz, podcaster and HR technologist. Wayne and Troy review the Packers nail biter loss to the Rams, discuss trades, preview the week 9 Packers at Patriots match-up, and share more of your great listener feedback.

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Highlights from this 166th episode:

* Wayne and Troy review the Packers week 8 loss to the Rams, and talk about what they liked, and what they didn’t from the game.
* Packers injury updates.
* Trades and trades.
* Great Orange County Register article on the Green and Gold Takeover of the Los Angeles Coliseum.
* We preview week 9, as the Packers head to NE to play the Patriots.
* Troy has the Packers “Keys to Victory” over the the Pats.
* How close were we in our Final Score Predictions last week on episode 165 of your Packers Fan Podcast?
* Read the full official Green Bay Packers at NE Patriots Dope Sheet.
* Your G Force feedback is always our favorite part of the podcast!
* Packers at Patriots Sunday Night Football commercial with Michael Jordan!
* We have your results from the weekly Twitter and Packers FB Community Poll.
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