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Your Packers Fan Podcast is the show BY FANS and FOR FANS of the 13-Time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers!

Four of the past five seasons of our twelve season history, the Packers Fan Podcast has been a podcast award finalist.  Join us for our energetic episodes, which always include a large amount of great listener feedback.

Jan 17, 2022

Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast #248 - Wild Card Weekend is over, and the schedule for the Divisional Round is set for the Packers. The green and gold are two wins away from the Super Bowl, and our first hurdle will be a grudge match against the San Francisco 49ers. We’ll preview that matchup, give our predictions for the game, and also share a ton of listener feedback from you. All coming up on YOUR Packers Fan Podcast.

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Discussed on This Week's Show.

  • [00:32] Introductions of Scott Clark and Wayne Henderson.
  • [01:16] A ton of fantastic listener feedback is included in this episode.
  • [23:40] We preview the 49ers at Packers Divisional Playoff game, including the Keys to a Packers victory.
  • [35:33] Thank yous, and shoutouts | Outros.

The Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast is not yet affiliated with the NFL or the Green Bay Packers. Just sayin’…

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